Blair Parker Design, LLC. (BPD) is a Landscape Architecture firm in Memphis since 2009. We are a team of licensed and degreed landscape architects (LA’s) who focus on building relationships with clients, engineers, architects, developers, regulators and other LA’s. We cherish these relationships and are eager to learn from one another. As a result we have been very successful at maintaining a high level of repeat clients and fostering new relationships, whom we aim to make repeat clients.

BPD excels at both leading design teams and being role players. Our teammates appreciate our ability to communicate quickly and clearly. Our style ranges from hand sketches to computer drafting and renderings, depending on the client and project needs. We are unique in our flexibility as a group filled with new and creative ideas yet, grounded in landscape architects with more than 50 years of experience. We challenge each other to continue to learn both technically and creatively. This approach ensures that our clients continue to receive the best design and end product.

We find enjoyment in the challenge of finding creative solutions to complex problems and working with regulators to create designs that are beneficial for all parties. We believe that all clients and projects are greatly improved when a landscape architect is on the design team and therefore we proudly advocate for our profession. We are proud and grateful of the accomplishments so far. The future for landscape architecture looks bright and we are excited to be part of a great profession that is helping to create and renovate our cities, towns, communities and habitats!

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