BPD has been sitting on some good news for a few months now. In early March, BPD moved our offices from 5159 Wheelis Drive to 5100 Wheelis Drive, about 100 yards away. Our old location was the birthplace of BPD, and it has served us well over the years. But, we simply outgrew the space!

We found this office space in Clark Centre with Commercial Advisors, and thought we could transform it into the modern studio environment we believe is best for design collaboration. It was a pleasure to work with our friends at Fleming Architects to re-imagine the space and redesign the interiors to fit BPD. A & R Construction handled the remodel work for the office. We always seek to inject personality within designs. This office space is no different, with prominent features including a rendered wall feature, illuminated signage, and vibrant green accent walls. 

After construction, we barely got the furniture placed correctly before the novel coronavirus pandemic sent us to work from home. However, this new larger office space has allowed us to re-arrange the furniture to accommodate proper social distancing per the Shelby County Health Department and CDC. So, about a month ago we returned to the office. Collaboration in our design office is integral to producing quality work, and being back together makes collaboration much more seamless.

So, our wait is finally over — BPD is pleased to display our new office at the Clark Centre. BPD is still buttoning up details in the office with various furnishings but we are thrilled with how it has turned out thus far. While our old office brought us many great memories, we are looking forward to the experiences and wide range of projects that will occur in the new office. Time to let the creativity flow!