Every project is different, and might take different paths, but we believe the design process begins with building relationships with clients, other design team members, and all project stakeholders. This relationship typically starts in a kick-off meeting where we discuss the project in general, project goals and program elements. The design process is not always linear, and sometimes we re-evaluate the goals and program as the project progresses. But having team consensus is the most important element to a successful project. After we establish these goals and the overall project vision, it’s time to get to work!

Site Inventory and Analysis is the next phase of the process. After a site visit, BPD evaluates the design program & goals against the current site conditions. The evaluation establishes the opportunities and constraints of the site – potential strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes the Inventory & Analysis is completed internally, but most of the time the client is involved in the evaluation. Client involvement allows the team to collaborate on the best approach to accomplish the project.

These opportunities and constraints provide a framework within which we can evaluate the project goals and program. This evaluation involves stakeholder participation as well. Most projects require public approvals through the local planning and design review boards. These meetings are public, and neighbors and community groups can attend and make their voices and opinions heard. Projects can also require meetings with stakeholders to help inform them about what is proposed and to listen and address their thoughts. All of the data, thoughts, suggestions, and opinions of the clients and stakeholders shape the project moving forward.

Next comes the design itself. BPD begins with hand sketching – translating thoughts and ideas about the site and the arrangement and interrelationship of program elements onto paper. After developing and reviewing ideas internally, we like to meet with the client to review the concepts. These meetings are great brainstorming sessions where ideas are evaluated, thrown out, resurrected, and refined. BPD takes this feedback and prepares a final concept. After that, we move into the production of finished drawings. The finished drawings can vary from project to project depending on client needs: BPD may only produce conceptual designs, i.e. for a feasibility study, or full construction drawings, details and specifications for bidding and construction.

Throughout the drawing production phase, the clients and stakeholders, as well as the public meetings and review processes, shape the final product. Once that process is complete, BPD can assist in bidding, permitting and construction administration to insure the client receives a high-quality project. We pride ourselves on repeat clients, and believe our ability to produce creative solutions to complex problems while shepherding the project from inception to completion is why we have such strong relationships with all members of the development community.

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