The Jimmy Naifeh Center is located at the Dyersburg State Community College Covington Campus. The 54,000 square foot expansion contained a learning resource center, student center and the Tipton County Public Library. The facility offers students access to a computer lab, performance area, café, recreation and physical fitness areas, study labs and classrooms.

BPD designed and detailed all of the pedestrian walks, plazas, and planting spaces as well as helped locate the building and parking areas on site. There are 3 primary outdoor spaces.

The first primary space is the entry plaza. A large fountain is flanked by a large plaza comprised of scored concrete and chert. Trees line both sides leading you to the primary building entry and will grow to create a shaded plaza for students to study and gatherings to be held.

The second space is a reading courtyard adjacent to the Tipton County Library. The courtyard incorporates seat walls along with trees to provided shaded areas for all visitors to read outside.

The third space is the student courtyard. This area has tables and chairs with umbrellas to provide ample study areas. It is WIFI equipped to enhance the student experience. A small raised stage area allows for events including student performances, but also provides various seating areas (on stairs and seat walls) when not being used for performances.

For more information, see the Dyersburg State Community College website.