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The Memphis-Shelby County Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition came to a conclusion last week with presentations by the three finalist teams. We are proud to announce our team including Blair Parker Design (BPD) and Civil Engineering Solutions (CES) placed 2nd in a field of 11 total entries composed of 28 different design firms.

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When the competition kicked-off in March, we reviewed the minimum requirements of the competition and also set more stringent team goals and standards.   We are pleased with our design that is economically feasible and environmentally sound.   Steep slopes and vegetation were completely preserved, earthen fill limited and only 2 small retaining walls.   Another team objective was to prepare ourselves for the upcoming changes to the stormwater regulations by learning, in depth, about LID practices and how they work in the Mid-South.

20140826 Overall Perspective

Proudly, we achieved every goal that we set for ourselves while creating a senior living development with a strong sense of community. The final site plan, complete with stormwater treatment facilities, is 100% realistic and functional at a much lower cost of development. In the end, the team’s LID development was able to reduce stormwater runoff by 65% with improved water quality and an overall savings of 27% in development costs over traditional “grey” development.

20140829 Corridor Perspective

Residents of Memphis & Shelby County are the true winners in this competition. Over the past months of competition, firms across the Mid-South have immersed themselves in Low Impact Development, green infrastructure, and sustainable stormwater management strategies, saturating the area with knowledge that will help to ensure the health of our local watersheds. BPD and CES say “Thank You” to the Memphis and Shelby County Office of Sustainablilty, TDEC, other partners of the competition, and fellow competitors for making this competition possible.

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